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Welcome to You Got This! A new audio series, available via app, with your daily dose of consciousness, quick pick me ups, and reality benders from Dr. Dain Heer.

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To the parents of the world — have you ever wished you had a magic wand to change all the things that seem to be unchangeable?


Has the Earth been communicating with you? 

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Here it is!
A special COVID-19 edition of “You Got This” with Dr. Dain Heer … for all the parents, teachers, or anyone looking to ease the stress going on with the “new normal” and school.

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Has the Earth been communicating with you? What if that conversation could be even more accessible? Listen as Dr Dain puts words to undefinable energies and invites you to the wonder and magic of connecting with this beautiful planet.

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Clarity Bundle

  You Got This: CLARITY Bundle

  • Confused? Get Clarity!
  • When Overwhelm Flattens You Out
  • Too Much to Do



PEACE Bundle

  You Got This: PEACE Bundle

  • Cranky Pants Be Gone!
  • Things Going Sideways?
  • Can't Fall Asleep



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  You Got This: ENERGY Bundle

  • I'm Tired - HELP!
  • Ending Fudgehead
  • Waking Up with Wings!



What if change could be easy? Dare we say it...even fun?!

The Universe has your back. We have your back - YOU GOT THIS!

Choose the audios that POP for you!

Long or short, topics you are drawn to or maybe resist...
Ask - ‘Which of these would contribute to the change I am asking for’?
Then choose! You will know. You always do! 

*all audios can be accessed via the Kajabi App - which is free to download!


Desire a particular topic to be created?

Let Dr. Dain know below!

What others are saying...


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Julia Sotas

“And oh my gawd- I got my first audio from You Got This! - holy f@*#!! It is the ‘Waking Up with Wings’ morning routine and I always mean to do those things and they are all there... but way better have someone else say it to me, and then all of Dr. Dain’s energy and consciousness there!!!

From the buyers end... it is amazing and I love it! Everyone needs these!”

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Nirmada Kaufman

You brilliant being... woke up and bought the Cranky Pants app like it was crack...your question of  "What would you lose if you gave this up?" Insanity! First time I laughed and smiled in a few days ! How does it get any better than this?

So grateful and what else is possible?

These apps are "Dr Dainger candy"

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Emily Evans Russell

“I just found out this week that my daughter has Type 1 Diabetes. After listening to this audio, I have the first sense of hope that something else is possible beyond being taken on an ‘impossible’ ride that I didn’t ask to go on. The allowance in the words and energy of this audio is so kind and inspiring, and let’s me know that I can choose to be the magic I am in this situation (and any) when I am ready. And that I know when that is!"

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Bret Rockmore

"This audio on “Dealing With The Impossible”....wow! Right before listening to the audio I had a situation come up where I usually go into a loop of how bad, awful, terrible and mean I am.

After listening to part 1 of the audio that loop lifted and I can perceive possibilities where I hadn’t before for YEARS!"

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