Be You. Be Different. Stay Weird.

Being different is one of the greatest gifts you can be in this world.

If each of us were willing to be as weird as we are, what would it create?

This 1 hour class filmed in Washington DC with Dr. Dain Heer is about an acknowledgment of you as the being that you are.

All change that occurs in this world comes from people who have a different awareness, and choose based on that greater possibility. That is when things change!

We require to be something different in the world right now - in our personal lives and in the larger world - to create a sustainable living Earth and a planet that is more joyful and fun to be alive on!

Are you in?

The status quo is that we are all separate and we must fight everything and everyone. I am asking for something different.

What if us weirdos ;), choosing to be it and banding together, could change everything and truly contribute to changing the face of the planet?

Sound kind of fun? Kinda like you?

Let’s jump in and add to your piggy bank of possibilities!

Be You. Be Different. Stay Weird!


-The capacities and brilliance unique to you
-How to let go of judgments about being different
-A way to be with these changing times and ride the wave
-How to acknowledge yourself and others for the greatness we all are
-How to ask shift your focus from problems to possibilities
-The energy, tools, and questions to create a change on this planet


$47.00 USD