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Dive in with Dain

Psssst…do you hear that?

That’s not just a voice in your head - that’s Dain - reading some of his most recent, favorite clearings!

Dr. Dain records these clearing loops for you monthly with some of the ‘best hits’ from the classes and telecalls he facilitates.

How do clearing loops work?

Just download the audio, save to your computer or phone, put on repeat, and enjoy the ride of change.

No fuss, just ease of opening doors to new possibilities while clearing limitations along the way.

You can play these audios anywhere and everywhere - during the day, while going for a walk, or while sleeping at night.

The down and dirty details...

 This is a monthly subscription where each month you’ll receive a new clearing loop, recorded by Dr. Dain, with a mix of the most awesome, world-changing clearings from his classes and Telecalls facilitated that month.

All clearing loops are delivered via his Kajabi website where you can listen through the Kajabi app or website, or download the audio to your computer or phone.


Intimacy is not about sex at all. It’s actually about a caring, kindness, presence and generosity with you that then allows you to be that with others.

It doesn’t matter what the level of that relationship is - whether it’s a friend, family member, coworker or partner - when you can have an intimacy with you, all the need for approval goes away. All the need of having to have someone goes away. All the need of having anyone as a completion of you goes away.

And the beautiful part about that is, when the need is gone, any of those things can show up in your world with much more ease!

You're invited to a different possibility for your life and the world. One where you can get out of need and into intimacy with you!

This series allows..

the energies of the 5 elements of intimacy - allowance, trust, vulnerability, honoring and gratitude - to enter your life and change your relationship with yourself, others, and the world.

What if you didn’t have to focus on how wrong you are anymore? What if you didn’t have to fix anything or try to figure out what to improve to have a better relationship?

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What will you get from this course?

There is a different possibility available where you can have a unique connection and intimacy with not only the people in your life, but also your creations.

Welcome to a different way of exploring the world and a very different way of accessing YOU!

  • 7 videos on Getting Out of Need & Into Intimacy
  • A deeper dive into the 5 elements of intimacy
  • 7 downloadable PDFs
  • Homeplay, questions, clearings and tools to create a greater connection with yourself and a space of gratitude, trust, allowance, honoring and vulnerability with you.
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You have totally shifted my world and I have no words to describe it really.

You have helped me to open up to energies that I knew existed, but that I wasn't able to receive before. And things just keep showing up to me – like magic.


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Each of the programs are so unique in their own way that when we put them all together it creates a dynamic change(its hard to put in words). I am so grateful and so fucking lucky to come across access!

Thanks for making my life soooooo much easier & joyous!


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