Dain Time

Will you take a moment to ask this question:
What does the Earth know about you?

To truly change what is happening on the Earth we must go beyond all of the "how to" of change, and into how we BE.

Have you acknowledged that how you be and walk upon the Earth actually creates change?  Imagine being more like the space that an animal or a plant is.

Do you perceive that yummy spaciousness?
That is one of the greatest contributions you can be for the Earth!

We’ve pulled together free resources and some products for you to explore.

Our hope is that they will contribute to you receiving the gift of the Earth, as well as becoming the gift that you can be for it!

Free Resources

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What if every day was Earth Day and what if now is the time?

Global Earth ESC 2021

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Special event with Dr Dain Heer Earth Day 2022!

What beautiful possibilities can we unlock together with all of the living creatures and elements on this planet?

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What action can we take for a greater future and what can we contribute to each other as stewards of the earth?

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Energetic Synthesis of Communion

Tap into that energy of communion, and the sense of peace that is possible when we are connected to everyone and everything, including the earth.

This is your invitation to play. Consciousness has your back. The Earth has your back. Are you willing to know and receive it?

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Creating With Earth
Replay of series

Feel the earth through your body... enjoy the earth through your body… create with and as the earth.

Join Gary Douglas, Dr. Dain Heer, Simone Milasas, Brendon Watt and Shannon O’Hara for this awesome possibility of peace and connection with the earth.

€1650 for the whole year REPLAY series. Country Pricing is available.

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The Baby Stardust Manifesto Book

From Dr. Dain Heer and Katarina Wallentin comes the sequel to the popular Baby Unicorn and Baby Dragon Manifesto books: The Baby Stardust Manifesto!

Follow a tiny piece of baby stardust on its journey through the galaxies to become the magical blue place we call Earth.

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