Ending Your Monkey Mind for Good!

"The change that is possible is absolutely phenomenal." ~ Dr. Dain Heer

Imagine walking into a board meeting or delivering a business presentation without a billion thoughts, feelings and emotions jostling and churning in your headspace?

Better still, what if you could look at your bank balance and not get all twisted up?

There is a pragmatic way to eliminate the monkey mind once and for all. And, it’s not what you think it is.

Join Dr. Dain Heer as he explains in depth what creates our monkey mind and shares the number 1 tool he used to free himself of it.

Ending Your Monkey Mind - Once and For All

Imagine if 98% of the stuff that was in your head yesterday, left today and never came back?

In this 45 minute video with Dr. Dain you’ll learn:

  • What really creates our monkey mind
  • A key piece of information you were never told as a kid
  • How to change your monkey mind in real time. It doesn’t mean your life will be perfect but now you have the tools to deal with anything that comes up, really quickly
  • To spend less time and energy trying to figure stuff out
  • Have more days of ease, peace, gratitude and joy which is your natural state
  • How to stop being the problem-solver in your life, in your family, and in your business

$57.00 USD